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      1. 果博娱乐

        果博娱乐投注Shaoxing Yong Sheng new material Co., Ltd.

        86 575 82001678

        YongSheng WPC was produced by 35% environmental plastic materials, such as HDPE,55% croude wood powder, 10% special additives, such as antioxidant, lubricane, colorant, 

        ultraviolet absorbent. YongSheng Wood was manufactured by the special extruding machine

         of WPC in the high temperature and pressure. It looks and feels like nature wood with higher 

        degree of UV, lower linear change in the diferent temperature.


        To control each scene,giving you the mose comfortable seat professional to do professional,seat comfort
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        Contacts: Sales Department:

        Gu Manager 13757547962

        Sales Department:

        Gu Manager 13757547962

        Sales Manager:

        Wang Manager 13989520927

        Wang Manager 15158247158

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